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"The Olympian vice. - In spite of that philosopher who, as a genuine Englishman, tried to make laughing a defamation of character among all thinking men - "Laughter is a serious infirmity of human nature which every thinking man will strive to overcome" (Hobbes) - I would really allow myself to order the ranks of philosophers according to the rank of their laughter - right up to those who are capable of golden laughter.4And assuming that the gods also practise philosophy, a fact which many conclusions have already driven me to - I don't doubt that in the process they know how to laugh in a superhuman and new way - and at the expense of all serious things! Gods delight in making fun: even where sacred actions are concerned, it seems they cannot stop laughing."


I realize that a powerful comedic tool is just to phrase things that people typically say in a harsher way, hence, are making a mockery of everything "sacred". Now, this is an undoubtably cruel thing, but at the same time the philosopher is often the opposite of the comedian, wanting to in all seriousness, establish "the truth", which seems to always lead to the dreaded "necessity". 

I realize that anarchists tend to dislike both humorists and philosophers. Do anarchists really hold anything sacred, do anarchists hold everything sacred, or neither?

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Sacred, nope. Precious beyond price, yes. This planet... and all it is in actuality.

The sacred has always been the false. Merely men making up nonsense and believing such, but then all belief is make believe.

As for humourists, depends upon how amusing they are!

As for philosophers, tend to take the longest route possible, and usually end up totally lost down a crumbling lane which ends in a cul-de-sac.
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