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How will abolishing the FDA and other non-violent branches of government result in a more peaceful world?

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asked Dec 11, 2018 by anonymous
how does keeping the FDA result in a more peaceful world?

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i would put it this way: there is no non-violent part of government. all aspects of government rely on the concentration of power and the monopoly of violence.

without that authority/monopoly, no one would have to listen to anything any government official says. with that authority, even if that branch doesn't have armed officers, we're encouraged not to resolve our own problems, but to rely on The Authorities to solve them. this leads to a whole raft of problems.
answered Dec 12, 2018 by dot (52,130 points)
edited Dec 12, 2018 by dot

The FDA has armed special agents. There's a lot of them where you'd think they wouldn't, but they do. Most of the departments under the executive branch have their very own armed agents. So don't be trying to sell or give away unpasteurized milk‚Äč...

There's an amazing story Diane di Prima tells in her memoir Recollections of My Life As a Woman. She was living in NYC and there was a member-only organic food cooperative she was part of. Organic food (or was it actually about food autonomy?...) was so outlawed by the FDA that agents would come in to the space and dump all the food in a pile and literally spray pesticides all over the produce, the grains and beans, ruining all the food. This would have been early 70s or so.

Oh yeah and this is not to mention herbalism and traditional medicine...