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Can anyone suggest an anarchist essay(s) defining the American economic system as a top down "state subsidized command economy"?

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Thanks for any information pointing in the right direction.
asked Jul 5, 2010 by anonymous
someone responded with the following titles:
You Call this a Democracy? -Paul Kivel
Capital -Karl Marx
neither of which are anarchist books.
obviously non anarchist responses on this site will be removed.

3 Answers

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Yes American mutualist Kevin Carson has written extensively on this theme. His book "Studies in Mutualist Political Economy" is worth reading though I personally reject his brand of propertarian left-liberalism totally, he has many imteresting things to say about "actually existing capitalism":

answered Dec 22, 2010 by scum (710 points)
Kevin Carson is not a propertarian.
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The essay "The iron fist behind the invisible hand" by Kevin Carson seems to exactly address this issue, exposing the forces of the "free market" as the corporate state that it is.
answered Jan 9, 2011 by john apolo (320 points)
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From "Studies in Mutualist Political Economy", there's a chapter called "The Rise of State Monopoly Capitalism":

answered Apr 14, 2011 by vaguelyhumanoid (390 points)