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Industry and Anarchism

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Does anarchism typically assume that a complex industrial society able to provide consumer goods to some extent or maintain things such as the Internet can be sustained without capitalism through wholly decentralized, non-hierarchical groups?
asked Jul 19 by anonymous
I personally don't think a complex industrial society similar to today's is plausible in the hypothetical anarchist/decentralized societies. I doubt that they'd be able to maintain things close to now, or if they'd even want to. I have a hard time imagining people willingly going into mines to mine rare earth metals that are required in machines that host things like internet. That's just me though.

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as human implies, it depends on what kind of anarchist you are (or to put it another way, how you define the state and/or domination). anarchist thinking ranges from a) things would be similar but more efficient, because workers know more about how to run things than bosses do, to b) it would look completely different but equally industrious because capitalism has been stultifying to people's imagination and creativity, to c) it would be be completely different and non-technological because technology and industry are part of a world view that is inherently dominating. that latter option is what folks here on this site tend toward, so you're likely to hear most about it here.
answered Jul 20 by dot (50,660 points)
i would add to that d) much technology would fall out of use because maintaining it without coercion/bureaucracy is impractical (e.g. mining rare earth minerals for computers). strictly speaking, decentralized non-hierarchical organizations could probably do it, but not without bureaucracy, which is also undesirable.