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Why do anarchists oppose the notion of work ethic?

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Please explain what it means to @s. Does having no work ethic mean you just sit around and let others do things for you?

Very similar to the question below, I suppose I'm looking for an answer more specifically related to work ethic
asked Dec 28, 2012 by anonymous
edited Dec 28, 2012
Generally speaking, when anarchists speak of "work", it tends to be a reference to wage labor; or, perhaps, any given activity that revolves around sacrificing your time and effort (and life!) in exchange for some abstract reward (money, property) mediated by capitalism/the market.

There are most likely other analysis of what exactly "work" refers to but I doubt you would ever find an anarchist who considers "letting others do things for you" to be a core concept of anarchism.

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If by worth ethic you mean "The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward." then the reason is that hard work itself without context is neither helpful nor unhelpful. Hard work can produce things to help society or the community but it can also play a big part in oppression and exploitation. All "hard work" should be justified in context.
Working just because of work ethic seems moronic and robotic to me. Things needed by a community would be shared amongst those capable of doing them through collaboration.
answered Jan 8, 2013 by anonymous