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or use fake names in social settings?
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I make a habit of it and my reason is this: it helps me to avoid the ad hominem or reductionist reactions to things I do and say, it brings me closer to the 'creative nothing' in a social setting. Best answer I can come up with.
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how can a name be fake?? because it's not the name the government acknowledges as yours?

in some ways a name can control your identity (especially if you think about all of the bullshit trans folk go through if they go by a different name than the one on their government id's). there are many reasons people may have for using a different name, but i think respecting that is important, to protect that person's safety and or dignity.
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it sounds like you're saying that a) names are most important between friends, so that fakeness is not an issue, and b) that people use different names as a way to both express themselves and to be safer in public.
is that a fair paraphrase?
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why does anybody write anonymously? Fear of negative backlash from a person, group, the state probably. Sometimes its a means to an end, and sometimes the end cannot happen if identities are made available.
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It's not just or always about security. Authorship presupposes that the person working on a particular project has the ability and right to claim the ideas and work in it as their own. In fact, no idea happens in a vacuum, and many projects often have multiple people working on them (editing, designing, etc.). Sometimes claiming that a work comes from nobody can be a way of acknowledge that it's actually coming from everybody.

Also, it can be a way of avoiding celebrity, whether positive or negative.
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