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Trigger Warning: Discussion of Libcom, Leftist-Commies, Academic Cops, and Libcomesque situations below. You have been warned.

I want to see what other anarchist and anarchistic types think about the website Libcom. I got my opinions about Libcom. What's yours ? What do you think about the website in general ? Does it have any importance to the advocacy of anti-authoritarian ideas ? What's the deal with the website administrators and their strange connections to police journals and the like ? Are the ideas and discussions of these leftist-communists important to anti-authoritarian thought ? (this is a question all onto itself, but I'm leaving it here !)



Anyone who uses the phrase "Fellow Workers" when addressing everybody on the website will get a laugh or two out of me (and hopefully others as well). Possible thumbs up based on this alone if it tickles my fancy, whatever the hell that means.
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libcom has amazing archives of articles and old texts.


i found the rest of it (ie the forums) to be shit: workerist, parochial, rigid, self-satisfied... and that was before i knew anything about john drury, etc.

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