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1. it is insufficient

2. it is impossibly ambitious

3. it is wildly contradictory

4. it relies on people acting autonomously

i like the number 4 more than 7, so i will stop there.

(each of those is both an advantage and a disadvantage.)
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1. Very few anarchists have been able to put their social ideas into practice for more than a few months

2. Anarchism is despised by all politicians

3. Anarchism encourages, rewards, and celebrates the ingenuity and initiative of creative people

4. Anarchism allows for the privacy of individuals

5. Anarchism allows for tremendous sectarian bickering

6. Anarchism is not Marxism

7. Anarchism will always remain a minority position

1. Anarchists
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1. Anarchism is anti-authoritarian.
2. Shedding the layers of social mores and everyday "just-what-you-do"-isms enables more creative and pragmatic methods to address a situation.
3. It can be a hard-line stance against a lot of bullshit that brings people together.
4. Shows that there are ways to have one's own ideas and methods while agreeing to disagree with others in a way that's respectful (at least to yourself) rather than self-sabotaging.
5. The world is fucked, but anarchism can still derive fun and enjoyment from it all.
6. Rejecting shame, guilt, and morality is like sweeping away the debris left behind by others and gives oneself (at least myself) room to emote in ways I might not have been able to previously.
7. It's way more interesting to look at the world as complex geography in which some people happen to take refuge within walls and call that their world rather than exotifying the outside world as an unexplorable void in order to protect the sanctity of those walls as "the world."

1. Some people call what they do "anarchism" and actually don't question anything at all...
2. ...which means that other starry-eyed people, who might actually be pretty chill, get swept up in abusive relationships and reactionary bullshit because there's a circle-A somewhere in there.
3. Folks push for a platform of anarchism, which tends to look like labor organizing and socialist programs.
4. Since most people don't know how to have an actual conversation, assumptions are thrown around like shit baseballs and everyone leaves even more confused and thinks that anarchism = Major League shit-Baseball.
5. Anarchism is a self-driven project of putting different things together to have something that works for oneself without any sort of orders from on high delegating that to you - this amount of openness necessitates creative thought which is often "too much" to think about.
6. Anarch-ism itself, as in the philosophy behind anarchy, creates an academic-style structure of hot authors, pressing topics, and ways of presenting oneself to others that's really kind of boring. Reading Chomsky or PM-Press does not an anarchist make.
7. Anarchism in a world of liberal super-positivity, good intentions, and spirit science means that one may not have a lot of friends at all depending on your tolerance levels.
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1. amoral
2. nonviable
3. abstract
4. romantic
5. conflicting
6. hopeful
7. yearned

I guess that could apply to both advantages and disadvantages based on how one interprets the meanings of the words I used.
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