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I consider myself a radical feminist, anti capitalist. have studied mostly marx, not into identity politics, and i am new to anarchism. i have a basic understanding of what anarchism is and need to go from here. i know the reform vs revolution argument, i am not a statist/tankie. there is too much out there. can anyone point me in some good directions re websites and books and forums? i am not a "marxist" i am not defined in any way other than what i do NOT define as, except for feminism and anti capitalism. i am very wary of cult like groups. i read some crimethinc and liked some of it but found it a bit indulgent and "young"? i read some deep green resistance and was inspired but then freaked out by its seeming cult like nature. ive been engaged in reformist activism for a while now and i cant take it any more but i dont know what else to "do", so maybe instead i can read. thank you.

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go to theanarchistlibrary.org and search for terms that interest you. some authors that might be interesting are bonanno (i really like his "locked up" essay) and voltairine de cleyre (i especially like her anti-marriage piece), among many others.

then come back and let us know what you think!
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