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Inevitably, we all reach a point in life where we cannot sustain our existence due to deteriorations in health. Most invest in some sort of IRA, stock option, or bank cd's, but this would seem to contradict a life in which anarchists want to oppose capitalist economies.

How do anarchists live into their old age in a manner consistent with their principles?
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i like this question, although i would probably not use the word "retire", which (to me) is completely tied to jobs, careers, work, etc. as you alluded to in the question.

will try to come back with an answer soon.
good point, I changed the question
i don't understand the difference here between old age and not old age. we are all supporting ourselves as best we can regardless of health and income, in a world that does not materially support anarchist activities (however that might be defined). does that change because or when we get old?
a major difference between old age and not is our physical and mental capacity. at least, for many (most?) people. when i become too old to physically grow my own food and get my own firewood, what happens (assuming i choose to stay alive)? well, if i were living the life i desire, there would be other loving and trusted folks in my life that would be around to help with all that. they of course also need food and firewood, and so helping me when i can no longer do so would be a "natural" flow of events.

and to circle back to dot's point (as i get it), if i were living the life i desire, this would be the way things are regardless of how old or abled i am. i guess i am alluding to a life of sharing and reciprocity and mutual aid and support, among trusted friends. iow, the anarchist life i want, regardless of age.
good question and comments.

i'd add also that if one has become physically ill or in severely bad health, one's age probably wouldn't matter much....a younger ill (anarchy-desiring) person would likely face the same challenges as an older one because their youth wouldn't help them (as funky alluded to - the ability to grow food, get firewood, sleep in the forest or a car if necessary, etc.) if they became very sick.
Crime. Just ask Bonanno.

except that the old and/or infirm may not have the capacity for the kind of "crime" (trigger alert) that could meet one's needs. even alfredo is probably close to hitting up against that.

sidetrack: has anyone listened to the audio version of "armed joy" yet? thoughts?

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