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in my opinion shop workers are lower class and not an elite but they tell people prices and fund capitalism


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"...but they tell people prices and fund capitalism"

huh? that doesn't even make sense to me. tell people prices? wtf

that is a lot of punctuation.

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No. The shop worker generally doesn't set the prices for how much this or that will cost. Usually it's someone higher up in the pyramid, like the boss.
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human, you could just as easily say "yes," because workers' are part of the system... (this is surely part of the point of F@'s and Ba@'s life choices, no?)

let us not be snookered by the language of "oppressor."

we all are, and none of us are. the question is quite zen... ;)
True. I thought einstein was asking about who decides what the prices are with the "they tell people prices" thing.

dot: let us not be snookered by the language of "oppressor."

yes, or by the language of identity. in this case, "is".

"is" someone an oppressor? all the time, some of the time, in certain situations, with certain people, in what ways can someone oppress, in particular roles or relationships (for example, only when in "the shop"), with or without institutional authority, and so on.

to say someone "is" or "isn't" something implies a lot without much thought....or context....or relationship....or in this question, even a particular person or situation, just a generic (ahhh, the joys of economic systems) shop worker.

Agreed - even the miserable Foxconn employee could be said to be oppressing others by filling the world with toxic, alienation-inducing gadgets; even the politico-economic elite are oppressed by occupying mutilating social roles. This is why I find the social machine/social war analysis superior to the class war perspective - rather than focusing on good guys and bad guys, the focus is on reification and social structures.
Well said, ba@
thanks, funky. :)