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AF: for one, even when i went increasingly rightward i found that many of those holding conservative/'reactionary' views didn't always like the views of others labeling themselves in like manner.

which makes me think about my inclination to relate to others who desire anarchy. i want to relate to the experience of other people feeling strange about holding a unique (their own) perspective....rather than wanting other people to hold the same view as me. so that in our own,  particular viewpoints, we find a connection - not because we agree on everything, but because we know what it feels like to view things through our own lens as opposed to a pre-configured one, or through a checklist of what makes a political (or other) identity.


'that discussion probably deserves its own thread.'

i'm working on it. i've actually been thinking about this arena of thought for some time, i just didn't have a feel for how it would go over, particularly since my own past experience has little involvement, except perhaps antagonistically, with the left.
asker: interestingly egoists are prone to do that "non-egoist/non-self-directed people are cows, who merely get in my way" line of reasoning also.

in anvil there was a piece about zombies being popular partly because of that same sense of the draining, inexhaustible mob that wants to suck what is good out of you. (of course, there are also people who identify as being part of that horde, which is perhaps even more interesting?)

"they are irrelevant due to their incoherence and internally contradictory philosophy -- not to any specific or relative numerical (in)significance."

Guess you missed that part of the same sentence...

nah, I got that. part of what I was saying was that being 'minoritarian' isn't only a question of numbers.

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