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Do the ideals of the Diggers have significance to your anti capitalist thought

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The diggers were a group of people who used non-violent direct action to protest against the enclosure(sending into private ownership) of common land,the enclosure of the land was often established by an act of parliament and at the time only those who owned land worth a certain amount of money could vote in elections.
asked Nov 12, 2015 by anonymous
edited Nov 16, 2015
Dear anonymous asker of a question that I might be interested in answering:

Please include further explanation to give context to your question. If there are not tags and nothing beyond just a question, I have no idea what kind of answer you want.
ingrate, i like that approach to this type of anonymous question. giving them the benefit of the doubt (that they are actually curious about the topic raised in the question), but not even attempting to answer until/unless they further elaborate.

to the anon questioner: one way to elaborate might be to state what you see as the diggers' ideals, add any thoughts about how those ideals relate to anti-capitalism in your mind, and then ask what others think. make sense?
i am not all that familiar with the original diggers, but i can say that i loved some of the shit the san francisco diggers did in the 1960s. they were clearly anti-capitalist, with some anarchistic tendencies. and very into using the spectacle.

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