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Explain your answer

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Explain your question

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No. Not particularly.

I have no desire to give an explanation.
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I down voted this, mostly because I dislike the tone and lack of explanation.

I am also answering yes, and would be happy to edit my answer to include an explanation if you elaborate on why you think it is important or care.

Or at least tag this. Suggestions would be: Kropotkin, Old-men-with-beards, anarcho-communism, mutual-aid, etc.

If you go to the tags tab, there are probably lots of others that apply, and the great thing is, you can use tags to help inform the nature of your inquiry, because as it stands, your inquiry sounds like I am being interrogated by an enemy, perhaps in the depths of the Fortress of Peter and Paul.
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Lol! Paul? you mean new testament Paul?!
rs666: no, let me search that for you