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Does anyone find it strange that this site has regulations and a hierarchy

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For example you have to sign up to vote or comment

And there are administrators

But this would seem to be Against anarchy.
asked Nov 13, 2015 by anonymous
edited Nov 13, 2015
no. i look at it like a game that has rules and facilitators, where people can voluntarily play, quit when they want to, or decide to start one of their own.
Does anyone find it strange that the slew of anonymous so-called questions  (throw-away sentences with no follow-up) have little to no actual relevance to a 101 site?
i find it strange that the anonymous posters don't follow up with any responses, reactions, or clarifications in relation to the comments and answers to their questions.

"For example you have to sign up to vote or comment

And there are administrators"

which is why anarchy won't be realized on the Internet...which isn't really all that anarchic to begin with. but, hey, we use the tools in the most subversive ways we're able, eh?

"But this would seem to be Against anarchy."

and what isn't 'Against anarchy' (!?!) at @101 is the actuality that you're able to come and go at any time. How 'bout that?

No. You should probably read the about page. I believe the having to sign up to vote for answers/questions has more to do with what powers this site and not the folk that run this site. I find it more strange that you/anonymous repeatedly asks vague questions and not clarifying, or not doing a simple search of the site before asking said vague questions.

I don't find it strange. As Lawrence mentioned, look at the shitshow of bad faith seeming questions without any context, that are being fired at the folks who do participate on this website. Then look through the history of the questions and answers. There is a reason some of us are hostile, and at least for this anarchist, my goals in participating on this website don't include being trolled to the degree of the old format of A-News comments (even if I do miss the old A-news comments).

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