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I've been noticing discussions about Rojava and the Kurds for a while now and I've been wondering what that's all about? I've noticed some anarchists are supportive of it, while others aren't. I've also noticed Rojava is supposed to be a libertarian municipalism place, but I'm not exactly sure what that is, other than it having to do with Murray Bookchin.

So, maybe someone could briefly explain what the deal is with Rojava and/or what is libertarian municipalism?

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have you checked out free radical radio's interview with paul z simons?
No. Is that what was posted on @news the other day? If so, I probably should've listened to it before asking my question. I was kind of wondering of a basic overview. Will listen to the link. Thanks. :D

@AmorFati I listened and I think I'm going to have to listen again because it's fairly confusing for me. It's information overload in my brain. I'm gonna listen again tomorrow and probably again after that so I can fully comprehend.

In the meantime, could you or someone briefly explain what 'communal municipalism' is suppose to be? 

i cannot answer your questions. while i have listened to a speaker who had just returned from rojava, things are complicated enough (and changing fast enough) that it's hard for an outsider to say "what's going on."

also, i don't know what communal municipalism is, although there is probably some relationship to libertarian municipalism, which is a phrase of bookchin's, and is explained on wikipedia.

however i'm also hearing that the connection between bookchin's ideas and rojava has been overstated (when i hear more about this i'll let you know).

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