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If you do not know what it is look it up.


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i worked at an organic csa for about 5 years in exchange for food. after the first year or so, the exchange part of it became much looser, and i felt more a part of a small group of people growing food together, and the "business" aspect of it sort of melted away. best tomatoes i ever ate.
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personally, i think the idea is great - for an option that is acceptable to capitalism. (i have participated in a few csa's over the years, mostly as a "community supporter").

what ba@ describes (after the first year or so) is much more what i would seek out. but without the business aspect of it, it isn't really a csa (imo). and that is the primary critique i have:

it is still an economic arrangement, and a capitalist endeavor.

though, on the flip side, at least you know what you are eating.

growing food with some known and trusted folks, with NO economics involved, would be far preferable, to me. you may say i'm a dreamer...
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funky, yes, regarding the experience i had at the csa...

ultimately, the people who ran it slowly phased out of the business and grew a smaller amount of vegetables for themselves, a few friends (which included me), they gave some away, and used some for barter.

i share your desire to totally let go of the economic arrangement (including barter)....given the attitude of most people (imo) a very difficult thing to do, but worth it in my experience.