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including translations of their books?
i've read some groucho marx, does that count?
why do you want to know what people here have read? what is the point?
oh come on dot

edit: nvm, i read your response as hostile rather than inquisitive, lol....it would be nice if OP added some more content
I almost made it through the first chapter in das kapital. I gave up after I fell asleep. When you're asleep it's really hard to read and retain what you probably didn't read because you were asleep. I have also read some other words he wrote on paper. Did you know Richard Marx, the singer, is related to Karl Marx? Tell all your friends.

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yeah, i read friedrich engels "on the working class" a long time like 3 or 4 years ago, It was interesting to hear his opinions on that time period, but i was irritating to hear him talk about how the working class needs to "learn proper morality!", he interesting talks about how the doctors would consider the drunks healthier than the workers because they didn't go to work

and as far as marx...i read an old abridged version of das capital, and the parts of his analysis i like are of work alienation and just the general flow of money, "surplus value".Ii would say its totally overrated in radical political circles, don't waste your life reading the full version of das capital...my recomendation
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