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i prefer to not separate "education" from life.
It's the norm now.

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Not necessarily. Individuals could join particular educational institutions voluntarily if they wish. In fact, most people would like to get an education from an institution. Supply and Demand.
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most people might want to get education from an institution today (i don't necessarily agree, but for the sake of discussion), in the current world. do you think that would still be the case in a very different world, one where the very concept of "institutions" is challenged?

part of what makes this world roll on so successfully (by its own standards, of course) is the efficiency with which institutionalized education produces willing participants in the perpetuation and expansion of this shithole. institutions have a tendency - if not a rigid requirement - to homogenize whatever it is they are instituting; for efficiency, reproducibility (sp?), control, etc.

and i think what comes out of that institutional system speaks volumes about it. not unlike institutional health care, institutional economics, institutional science, institutional athletics, etc.

none of that is appealing to me for an anarchist world.

also, self-education and institutional education are not the only options.
themaroonday, i downvoted your answer not because i don't like it (although i don't), but because you make a number of assertions without backing any of them up, including your offhand reference to a capitalist economic concept, as if there is no question or anything worth mentioning about why you think a concept developed under (and validating) capitalism would apply to a post-capitalist situation.

in other words, your answer is just a series of opinions, with no explanation.

also, funky's last point (especially).