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I brielfy know what anarchism is and why people think it is the perfect solution, but I am curious on what anarchist's "utopian" endgame would look like? I am familiar with the goals of anarchism and motives, but after achieving stateless society, what happens next? Because it is in human nature to evolve and continue to do so.
your question has some embedded assumptions that you might want to reconsider, while you browse through some of the questions, answers and comments on this site. a few searches you might try:


many anarchists do not conceive of an endgame. it is quite enough to be free of all the institutions and ideologies that prevent each of us from living our life according to our own authentic needs and desires. i would never attempt to prescribe to someone else what their "free" world should look like, just as i would reject anyone prescribing mine.

the very concept of society - particularly mass society, the predominant form in this world - is questioned by some anarchists. others take it as a given, a necessary institution.
what funky says, but also, i have no idea...and while i have no doubt in the superiority of anarchy as a way of coexisting with other people, i unfortunately think that a shift to anarchy from the one we live in would inevitably involve some very ugly, violent things happening...

also, i must add, fuck endgames, because the only endgame in life is death, and that will come eventually anyway

"fuck endgames, because the only endgame in life is death"

couldn't have said it better myself!

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I have three answers, which I am ordering from most friendly to most hostile. Anyone who has perused the site much will likely not be shocked that I respond the way(s) I do.

1. It will be fluid, and dependent on local conditions what happens. Humans, as living beings, are always evolving, and will continue to do so. Anarchism is a process more than an endpoint. We will adapt. Sometimes we will fail. Sometimes we shift gears (either slowly or quite suddenly) to meet our needs on the ground. Sometimes (well, always) we will die. Sometimes we will turn on each other.

2. Since the process is ongoing, we can't know, and those who would offer you an endgame or a complete vision of the future are nothing other than snake-oil salesmen. Caveat Emptor.

3. The very idea that anarchists would hope for a utopia, or ascribe any particular value to ideas like "human nature" is ridiculous. If one is going to use the term anarchist to describe oneself, I think it is important to not lose track of the fact that the very etymology of that label we are choosing to take up is posited in terms of opposition and negation, not in terms of a positive or forward thinking plan.

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I have no end game. I view it as a life long process to become free from within and outside from the mumbo jumbo.

I don't think I'd like it if there was some endgame. It would probably make me feel trapped, like I already do feel, so I'd seek my way out of it and junks.
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