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Hi, first I would like to excuse my English I hope you understand it even though there will be gramma mistakes my friend introduced me to anarchism and I find it really interesting, ever since we've talked about it I've been reading and looking into it and I found out that I agree with this ideology.

But I have two questions that I can't seem to find an answer for, I'd like to set up two examples and I'd like an explanation as how these things would be solved in an anarchi world.

There's an old lady, she has no friends or family. She can't work as she's I'll, she can't buy her own food because he can't make money and she can't stand up so making her own food, hunting, fishing is not an option.
How will She get care? Would she just die of hunger?

Question\example 2:
We live in a city. There's a road that needs to be rebuild/fixed.
Part of the city want to fix it, a part of the city won't.
Wouldn't there be a conflict between these parts? The part that would pay and fix the road would be mad that the other people wouldn't contribute to fix it, yet they would use the new road as much as the people that has spent time fixing it, how would this be solved?

I hope you can help me, I need guidance, and I'm very curious.
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if someone has no friends and no ability to take care of herself then she'll die. kind of like what happens now. the point of anarchy would be to make that less likely to happen--due not only to changes in how people expect to live their lives (living around people they know, having smaller groups of people who live together--instead of in huge alienated cities as so many do now, etc) but also due to an increased access to what we need to survive--land for gardening, etc.

the city conflict would be addressed in the way that the people in the city wanted to address it. perhaps they would fight. perhaps some people would move. perhaps they would have meetings and talk it out.
perhaps they would choose champions and the champions would fight. perhaps the road would be started and then destroyed, maybe even over and over again.
different tendencies of anarchists (workerists, federalists, egoists, primitivists) each have a different answer for how such a conflict should be addressed.

ps: things you assume would exist that i would like to not exist = money, built roads, and probably cities...
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the only thing i'd add to this is: the old lady in an anarchist society most likely chose to live on her own, presumably in her youth, and after those close to her attempted to convince her otherwise. whereas in the modern world, the old lady lives alone and surrounded by strangers simultaneously.