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What are the differences and similarities between anarchism and Marxism?

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what are the differences in their view of human nature, private property, class struggle, communism, opposition to compulsory authority, and proletarian dictatorship?
asked Apr 19, 2016 by anonymous

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Material philosophy is based on the belief that society evolves politically and economically by means of natural law, when I deconstruct the philosophy beneath what this concept represents to me is the belief that the state is not a concept created and supported by the faith and support that humans put into it but a tangible system that serves a vital role in the existence of humanity by keeping people in their proper places. Anarchism is based on the belief that all forms of government relies on violence and misinformation to ensure the subservience of a people and are therefore fundamentally wrong and should be destroyed, an anarchist should not submit to a form of government that promises to fix a corrupt system with more of the same politics disguised as revolutionary new concepts any form of government which relies on violence and fear is wrong point blank period. Marxism is a concept which promises like most political concepts to free and unburden man by redistributing wealth that has been stolen by the ruling elite the problem I have with the association of anarchistic philosophy with materialism/Marxism is that instead of people being in control of their own lives and means of continuing them they are expected to forfeit their human rights to the state in hopes that this new form of government will be just and right in an anarchistic society the people would be responsible for redistributing natural resources, as well as keeping their communities safe and ensuring that infrastructure remained intact etc people are able to work together in pursuit of common goals without financial and political ulterior motives people would be free to organize and accomplish what the wished for the sake of accomplishing it versus Marxism where human innovation is wrote of as a byproduct of social evolution. To answer your question the I believe similarities are only found in concepts not practices the differences being that Marxism represents a reformulation of current and previous conditions where as anarchism stands for the belief that all forms of social control based on violence and fear are fundamentally wrong and ineffective and that humans are more than capable of coexisting peacefully and conducting their own affairs without state intervention.
answered Sep 24, 2016 by Gusvanzette (140 points)