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No. A religion typically has one or more of these.

  • a belief in a supernatural being or power.
  • a series of beliefs that are organized into a set doctrine
  • a set of beliefs or practices based upon the teaching of a spiritual leader.

I'm sure there's more on what would determine what is and isn't a religion, Now, there are anarchists who idolize anarchist writers from the 19/20th century and/or preach there is only one correct form of anarchism, and they make it seem like anarchism is a religion with set doctrines. Kind of in a similar fashion like people that idolize folk like Jesus or Mohammad  So, while some anarchists are zealots or act in a similar manner to zealots, anarchism itself isn't a religion as it doesn't meet any of the definitions to determine whether or not it's a religion.

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anarchy, absolutely not.

anarchism, a bit more gray area.
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Ni Dieu Ni Maitre  >>>>> religion(s) is commonly associated with a hierarchical belief ... a hierarchicial belief attended by complimentary ideas is at the core of all religion ... these beliefs and attendant ideas comprise a structure that one is extrinsically conditioned to spiritually accept ... these beliefs exist as a thesis ... uncritical adherence to the thesis is prerequisite to religious acceptance ...   this spiritual acceptance is deemed Faith ... a commonality of faith is the weld that steels any religion ... the welders of one's faith are those that occupy positions in any religious hierarchy ... the welding of individuals into a common thesis requires the individual to surrender the freedom of antithesis thought ... that the central common thesis is metaphysical and all powerful is sufficient to negate the prospect of an antithesis is a false commandment ... practiced as such all religions are biased secular constructs >>nonreligious ... in these secular constructs the  metaphysical core is subsumed in the physical structure that exists as a religion ... as the metaphysical core is subsumed it gradually disappears (catholicism, islamicism, commercial budhism  tele preachers etc) ... in the wake of the disappearance is left the secular construct absent metaphysical core ... this disappearance is by design ... as this design has come to pass  religions have ceased to be religious ... take away the design of religion and there can exist the religious ...  without the design can one be religious and not OBEY ... the religious can find metaphysical fulfillment in the anarchial thesis ... INDIVIDUALISTIC ANARCHY is a secular belief but it leads to metaphysical fulfillment ... in it is found a purity that the " constructed religions" lack ... the purity of individual anarchism lies in the acceptance that one's destiny is controlled by one's spirit ... the will to obey the calling of one's self and not to obey the calling of others is a spiritual endeavor ... this endeavor is metaphysical ... this metaphysical endeavor presents a morally pure path to spiritual fulfillment ... as such INDIVIDUAL ANARCHY IS A RELIGION
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