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This question is really just an issue of personal preference perhaps, and may seem a bit pedantic, as it is a question about a "label" and what the proper way to say this label is. The term "Individualist Anarchism" seems to have been around a long time and when one googles it, many hits come up. However, when one googles "anarcho-individualism" which is pretty much the same term, just narrowed down to one word with the prefix "anarcho" added, you can still see a few uses of that variation of the term, but mostly just hits on "individualist anarchism."

 So my question is: would "Anarcho-Individualism" be an acceptable way to say the term still, or is it too grammatically awkward? I kind of like saying it this way because I personally like the prefix "anarcho," but if you were going to abbreviate it the way you see people do anarcho-communism (ANCOM) or anarcho-capitalism (ANCAP) or anarcha-feminism (ANFEM), it comes out to ANIND. If you abbreviate it using the same formula as the three examples above that is. Furthermore, the I could be pronounced like in the word "binder" whereas in the word "individualist" the I as pronounced like in the word "in." So that could be awkward grammatically as well.

I'm curious to know what other anarchists think here. I know this question is very ornery and can be seen as petty or too focused on details, but when conversing with people sometimes these things can become a focus. I'm just interested in others' opinions here. So to recap, what say you, "anarcho-individualism" or plain old individualist anarchism, which is more grammatically sound and/or convenient?
I use both terms in a technical fashion as Dot describes. That is, for me, Individualist Anarchism and Anarchist Individualism are actually two totally different things though there is overlap in the literature relevant to each. For an example which stresses the cleavage between the two, I would give Egoism as an example of Anarchist Individualism that is not particularly Individualist Anarchist because of the extent to which Egoism is epistemologically nihilist and broadly hostile to the kinds of world building involved in anarchism. However, this doesn't stop plenty of Individualist Anarchists from finding their own uses for Stirner or works inspired by his.
I suspect an anarchist of the sort you describe would tell you that you should use whatever term you feel best about and to stop trying to lumpo them in with it. ;)
I tend to follow Emile Armand's usage, "anarchist individualism." There are, after all, a variety of individualisms and I think Ricardo Mella's observation that "anarchy accepts no adjectives" ought to apply to "anarchist" and "anarchism" as well, if we are going to be careful about this sort of thing.
Could that be due to how his writings were translated? Well, unless he wrote in English. I know in some languages, when it's written out, the adjective comes after the noun.
In French, the title of Armand's major work is "L'initiation individualiste anarchiste" and the subject matter is "l'individualisme anarchiste." So, "The Anarchist Individualist Initiation" and "anarchist individualism."
Thanks. I learned something new. Honestly, I thought he was Italian, but I'm probably mixing him up with the other those other cats.
all labels (representations) must be subsumed in their substance ... individualistic anarchy = anarcho-individualism = individualist anarchy ...  absent  self determination in the labeled  these labels lapse  ... baudrilllard would differ and i would disagree

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