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- Think lives of soldiers guarding against unknown soldiers, who have a nice chance (>70% since either belong to the same pro) of getting along.

- Think children in a developing country forced into extra higher- Higher education, crippling them with debts, favourism  in the name of societal duty, obligation towards their parents who "Paid" for their upbringing.

- Think of someone who gives up his interests, or when rad, their lives, just to keep their spouse / partners / syndicates happy?

- Just think about it this way: The induced feeling of gratitude unto people who never asked for any such "favour /help".

- Think of all the absurd rituals, on the likes of "sati" in hinduism, "kar-balah" among muslims, "self-chastism/harm" in name of offerings to the divine lord.
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Hi itsN1X,
I am a bit unsure what you are asking.

Self-sacrifice for the betterment of others is something that is worth exploring critically, and at extremes could include suicide, but choosing to go to college because of family pressure and social obligations does not equate with choosing to end one's own life.

Self-harming behavior is not always related to suicidal behavior, and is often a way of coping with overwhelming emotions, whereas suicide is more often about being completely out of options, and choosing to end everything.

I don't mean to imply judgment about any of these things, but your question with elaboration in bullet points doesn't tell me enough to be able to address this.

Side note: I work (not anarchy-land) in suicide prevention, so I perhaps approach issues around suicide differently than others here would. Despite my job, I absolutely believe in the autonomy of people to choose the course (and/or termination point) of their lives. I try to separate my "clinical" (I'm not actually a clinician, or a credentialed professional, or even diploma'd person) perspective from my anarchist perspective, but the latter definitely informs the former, and the immersion of the former affects how I move in the word overall, which is to say, you should totally either elaborate or be like, "fuck off, ingrate."
truly "sacrificing your life for others" might be somewhat akin to suicide, for me. the difference being, you can stop sacrificing your life to others  - you can't stop suicide once it happens.  but that depends on how you define "sacrifice". getting joy (even if it is delayed joy) from doing something nice for another is not the same as sacrifice. giving up your own life to/for another.. yep, that is something i would deeply question.

i agree with most of what ingrate says above.
'''Fuck on, Ingrate'''

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it could only be considered--even "a form of"--suicide if you think of people as static beings, as having an essential self that can be killed through unhappiness or lack of fulfillment or something.

it's a provocative thought, but trivializes death (imo) and rests on weird theory of humans/living folks. definitely anti-nietzschean, fwtw...

ps: also what ingrate said...
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also, people are still waiting for responses to your answer to this...

in case you're up for it.
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And re::re: OP

"Isn't abolishing the pre (societally) inflicted obligations to the " 'primordials' " the paramount agenda of a DEx, even the FBIs version of it?