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Well, as the title says, what would you consider to be the minimum set of beliefs for one to have to be considered an anarchist, as opposed to merely an uneducated pretender playing at anarchism?
i consider myself an anarchist in large part because i don't have anything i call "beliefs" me a pretender if you want...and i don't think anything is equal, let alone all things (other than numbers).
you can look for anarchist principles here and elsewhere. recently i  wrote some tenets as being mutual aid, direct action, and voluntary association. there are some others that have been added and are a bit more controversial, like transparency in relationships and projects, and ends and means not being in conflict with each other.

but what on earth is the goal of applying a "minimum set of beliefs" standard to a person or group or whatever? and how many people would need to believe in that particular minimum to make it relevant as an answer?
I don't understand. Why do you imply the uneducated are just pretending to play anarchism? I would certainly hope anarchism doesn't require one to read a bunch of obscure and/or old books or other forms of "educating" oneself. I don't think there is an anarchist questionnaire/test written in stone on determining if the individual meets the "minimum set of beliefs" to be considered an anarchist.

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Belief is the bastardized shadow of intelligence which basks in its own self righteous glory. Belief is the blind which never opens but blocks all light. Belief is thought thinking itself as the true self.

So, to be free, to be anarchy, transcend all that is fake and false. If you want to be a slave, believe whatever you want to believe, but understand there will be no you only belief.
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