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Can you explain this in greater detail?

Do you mean:
- things you can do in your daily life that might help bring about further anarchist actions?
- ways you can make your life as anarchistic as possible (while still living within the unfortunate framework of capitalism and authority)?
- something else?
The language of: "lead a better anarchist life," makes me cringe. It reminds me of: "how can I be a better christian?" As though there exists, somewhere, a perfect, self-actualized anarchist. Although sometimes people act as though, in order to be an real and good anarchist, one must present their resume...it is absolute bullshit.

You have no obligation to fill another's anarchist ideal. No one can tell you how to live your life (although many will and frequently try). Only you can decided what sort of anarchistic lifestyle resonates with you. So, I would pose a few questions to anonymous (whoever you are) : What is /your/ definition of anarchism? Do you think, "lead[ing] a better anarchist life," will leave /you/ feeling self-fulfilled? What is wrong with your current anarchist existence?

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-Reach out to other people and form collectives that work toward anarchist ideals.  Don't be afraid to initiate your own anarchist projects.  Don't wait for others, because it you'll wait a long time.
-Reclaim your time and space from capitalism.  Half your income.  do with less stuff and embrace your life as free time.  Learn more skills and become more self reliant.
-Confront your own conditioning.
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You are not a collective. You are you. Stop trying to figure out which hive mind to obey. The idea of Anarchy is to free yourself from the rule of others, not merely make your subjugation to others a more personal experience. Read. Listen. Educate yourself. And think for yourself.

Getting to the point where you can identify the concepts and think for yourself, not just do what you're told and believe what feels good- that's freedom. That's Anarchy.
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More sabotage, work slowdowns, workplace groups organized outside of and against unions, strikes, agitations, workplace occupations, etc. done for the purposes of seizing the offensive rather than as a response to having greviances answered, making demands, seeking reforms, etc.

Form a street propaganda group, like a graffiti crew or a ludic activities coterie and do street propaganda (posters, graffiti, vandalism + manifesto).

Drop out of the scene and make stronger associations with people that do interesting stuff.

Recognize your time is limited, but there is no such thing as urgency.  The inevitability of death should lead one to seek joy without limits, but domination will not end merely from voluntary actions.

Stop living morally.  There is no such thing as safe spaces.  Live clandestinely with those you trust and take advantage of secrecy, even when seeking out sexual partners.  BDSM relationships tend in this direction within straight society (i.e. muggles aka heteronormative society aka patriarchical society), as an example.

Believe in nothing.  All things will die, including the universe.  Everything you think is significant about your life, about human society, isn't.  All shall be forgotten and history is but a brief moment in time.

Because magic doesn't exist, practice it!  Because god doesn't exist, kill him or worship her!  Reject religion, including deism, prophesy doesn't exist don't believe in it, make it happen and see what happens next.  Perception can only see phenomenon...it can't see everything, it can't see nothing, it can't see what lies beyond the illusion that reality is.

Wear t-shirts with your favorite beer on them, because it is your favorite beer.

Give up on being yourself and become a sleeper cell that creates analysis of the banal by existing in the banal.

Pretty much, these are things I do already, in limited fashion given my particular surroundings.
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