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every other political tendency i learned about/experienced.
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looking back, i realize i felt the desire to break free from authority as early on as i can remember (at around 5 years old, i tried to "escape" first grade), and everything i experienced since then confirmed those feelings...even though,

i did a pretty good job of ignoring/repressing those thoughts and feelings for a few years in my mid 20's through early 30's, but began to listen to them more again after that. now in my 50's, i don't question my anarchic tendencies at all....i only at times temporarily suspend them, probably due to residual programming over the years (and pressure from other people).

as i continued to read more (mostly non-anarchist) writings that questioned the ideologies of money, laws, religion, Education, Science, Technology, etc., i eventually came to read some articles written by people who called themselves anarchists....and also a few friends told me i sounded like an felt good to know at least some people, somewhere, reflected what i thought and felt...and also, i enjoyed reading stuff that deconstructed a lot of things i already thought, giving me more breadth and depth to my criticism of hierarchy and authority, and also giving me more ideas for how to bring anarchy into practice in my life.

so ultimately i agreed when someone called me an anarchist (even though i don't much like to use labels) - i desire anarchy and try to live in ways that create it....ways that i hope to keep discovering and altering..

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