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Is there a network for anarchist parents, caregivers, and guardians that one may seek advice and support?

I know that this question is not philosophical in nature, but I am having a difficult time finding any source of information at all regarding such a topic.

Please do not delete. I am in earnest need of support.
this is a fine question and there's no risk of deletion. i just am not sure that anyone here is likely to know.

there are multiple zines on anarchists with kids, although the only consistent one that i know of is called rad dad. he might have suggestions, if you can find a way to contact him, or his zines.

it might be helpful to know where you are, also, although if you're just looking for things online, i guess that doesn't matter.
In addition to Rad Dad (there is a book anthology also), the books My Mother Wears Combat Boots, and the zine-book The Future Generation might be of interest. Some issues of the zine Kerbloom! talk about being an anarchist parent, though that isn't the only thing it touches on (but it is worth checking out regardless).
i think this is a great question, and i wish i had some useful info to share. i cannot think of any at the moment. other than maybe seeing if you can find folks that (have) help(ed) organize day care at anarchist gatherings and the like.

while most folks i know that are dealing with this are primarily concerned with raising kids, there are a number of us who have been thinking about this more from the perspective of ourselves and folks we care about getting older and more infirm. my partner/best friend and myself have talked for years about our desire to start a radical/anarchist aging living space (i'd call it a commune if that word didn't carry so much baggage for me). some of us in our older age vicinity already do some of the caregiving involved, albeit on a fairly simple level.

anyways, i wish you luck, bridget.
You also might find some of the books on anarchy & education of interest. Matt Hern is a lefty-type anarchist who edited a collection called Deschoolimg Society that might have some stuff of interest (inread and then gave away my copy some time ago, so i'm not making promises), i bet Colin Ward wrote some stuff on this.

Oh also there is a book called "My Baby Rides the Short Bus" about parentimg children w disabilities that might be worth checking out (I haven't read it).
Some anarchist book fairs have held child care spaces and caregiver support programs or workshops. Like ones in NYC, the Bay Area and Montreal and other areas have had that in the fairly recent past. I suppose going to an anarchist book fair that have such programs/workshops could assist you with meeting people that are caregivers themselves. and may have useful advice for you.

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