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other than the haymarket affair
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with someone being killed? I imagine a gazillion. Neither nazis or antifa existed at the time of haymarket. I'm not sure of any similarities between unite the right and haymarket other than leftists were at them. Your question is way too vague.
similarity in that it ended with a shootout. there were communists there that fought with the police.

I was asking generally about leftists vs fascists

found also: Battle of Cable Street and the Greensboro Massacre of 79'
people on reddit suggested those btw I saw a comment of urs that said maybe u should stop reading reddit and idk y or n but I do kno that r/anarchism is full of organization and system obsessed commies and syndicalists.

Oh ok. It's a bit anarchronistic to imply fascists had anything to do with haymarket. Thus, my confusion. Off the top of my head, there's Matewan. It was a shootout between a coal miners union and the po-po's, but wasn't a fight with fascists. There's a bunch of them during "the coal mine wars."

There've been numerous clashes between the National Democractic Party of Gemany (NDP) and leftists since the reunification of Germany or fall of the USSR. 

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Different, but the Centralia Massacre, where IWW Wesley Everest was castrated and lynched following a confrontation between the wobs and the American Legion.
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