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Hi. I asked this question on here. I think it was removed. I enjoy reading romance novels and erotic fan fiction. Erotica. Both romance novels and erotic fanfic novels I enjoy are raunchy. I dont know of any romance and fanfic written by anarchist or about anarchist. Certainly anarchists have wrote romance novels and erotic fanfic .
What are good anarchist romance novels and fanfic novels?
i don't know of any romance or erotic novels written by anarchists. there is a perzine anarchist named artnoose who wrote two zines of erotica, but i don't think they're in print anymore. something like xxxXXXxxx (referring to her being straightedge, iirc).

i would be interested to know if there were such novels with an anarchist sensibility. if you find some, maybe you will name them here.

many anarchists think that being street-savvy and macho is part of being anarchist, but these days many different things are called anarchist, so... it's possible.

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