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Some examples: Libya, Syria, Egypt, WW2, Korean War, first Gulf War, etc.

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Anarchists, with a few notable exceptions (Kropotkin in favor of the Allies in WWI, Rocker in favor of the allies in WWII), have always been anti-militarists. War is the most concentrated and destructive form of statecraft; as anti-statists, anarchists are opposed to war.
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Are anarchists against all war?
Some other interesting exceptions: Nestor Makhno, Buenaventura Durruti, and some anarchists involved in the Italian futurist movement.
class war is a bit different than military intervention
Well, sure, but the futurists were strongly in favor of World War I, and the Spanish Civil war for example was partly a straight up military/territorial struggle against Franco.
asker, your list is uninteresting without discussing which military interventions they supported. You will also need to discuss the difference between an army and a militia or guerrilla formation.
That might be true but what I really need to do is study for my exams.