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Interested in hearing other peoples thoughts/opinions on the state/effectiveness/whatever of the Deep Green Resistance movement specifically and Derrick Jensen in general

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I agree with most of the objectives, and a lot of the strategies, tactics, and logistics, but definitely not the organizational methods (or transphobia). I think the book is definitely worth a read, and even if you disagree with the aims and methods there's a lot to learn about or critique in terms of what constitutes effective resistance. Look for a PDF if you can't pay the money and don't want the library tracking you having read it. I find highly problematic: Lierre's participation, her rhetoric in the book, the signed card nonsense, naming the aboveground and underground the same name, and Derrick's personal guidance. Beyond that: potential for specialization and hierarchical power, as well as susceptibility to infiltration a la the Green Scare.

As far as Derrick Jensen...he's not an anarchist, and has expressed anti-anarchist statements multiples times. However, he's contributed some extremely valuable things that strongly shaped my thinking in his ridiculously long books and repetitive speeches But he also has a difficult personality of opportunism, playing the crowd, sensitivity, and tragically limited critique of statism and certain anthropological specifics that he doesn't care to address, and some of his populist rhetoric is troubling. I appreciate a lot of his writings, if not their inaccessibility and repetitiveness, but have a lot of criticism as well.
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It's probably pretty effective at paying the bills.
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