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Thanks for the really helpful response.

Just curious what are some books that support these ideas that predate hakim bey?

 That book, TAZ did not exist in the 1970s i assume. It would be good to know other book titles, groups, or anarchists who supported what bey and stirner were describing.

What are some stirner books or old texts that elaborate on what you described.

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I haven't read much from the list of works by these authors, but they seem more in line with what you want.

As far as "chaos theory" and its relationship to anarchists, Hakim Bey is the only one I know that covers the topic.

For essential readings to get a strong individualist/egoist view, I'd recommend starting with the list and testing your power on Internet forums until you've strengthened your point of view.  After that, maybe try some face to face discussions?  Anyways, good luck.
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In addition to what hpwombat mentioned you might want to look to the surrealists for some of this, or maybe paul goodman or the black mask? I'm not really that familiar with their stuff, so it is just a general sense I've gotten, more than me knowing you should seek these out. If you can find them, early issues of AJODA and Fifth Estate would probably be worth checking out as well. Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! by Fredy Perlman ( is, while not focused on chaos, a precursor to the mytho-poetic style Bey employs.

Honestly, most of the well known anarchist writing of the 20th century (shifting only in the 1980's, really) was anarchists who associated with the left trying to argue that anarchy was order, and trying to use the logic of civilization to argue for anarchism as a sort of next progressive step. Blech.
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wow thanks a whole lot for the links. I do plan on tracking down the hard copies of a few . Thanks again.