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Guy Debord, the founder of the Situationist International, also the author of The Society of the Spectacle, have had some real cool ideas. He emphasized the importance of social life, which is, unfortunately, currently pinioned by commodity-fetishism and consumerism, a.k.a., the Spectacle. He also contended that we are ruled by "symbols" and hence no direct interaction between individuals. His idea of genuine social life is very much similar to Hakim Bey's "immediatism".

What are your thoughts? "Anarcho-situationism" sounds cool, right?
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post-left anarchy, which is of course a strong tendency on this site, is heavily influenced by the Sits.
not sure how an anarcho-situationism would be different than what we've got in PL@ (simply stated, i'd say the sits encouraged anarchists to be more philosophical, less materialist, less structuralist), but i'd love to hear your thoughts.
one of the most remarkable things about the sits is that their critique was of the middle class, of the lives of the people who were supposed to be the beneficiaries of the system, rather than of the poor/working class/more obviously downtrodden.

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A situationist is a member of the Situationist International in most definitions.  Situationists have been anarchists without the "anarcho" prefix during its existence.  I don't know if anyone could actually call themselves a situationist and get away with it.  If someone actually attempted to create situations using their techniques or an advancement on them, perhaps people might believe you were influenced by the SI.  But to call yourself a situationist, most would think you are a poser.

Hakim Bey's immediatism would seem more influenced by the situationists.  There is no such thing as "situationism"

Most that take on situationist theories tend to refer to themselves as pro-situationists.

Hakim Bey and Tiqqun both could be considered pro-situationists in a way, though obviously deviating quite a bit in their own ways, with some similarity between the two (groups of) authors.

Post-situationists, like Adbusters and the Yippies were seen as taking the aesthetics and techniques of the situationists, but diluting its theory quite a bit.

Bill Brown would seem to hold close to the orthodoxy on their theories while also advancing his own vision from their influence.
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