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I'm attempting to understand how one can propose "decolonize" as a position that also challenges the dominant order.  If I decolonize, what would that mean?

This is related to "Occupy" and "Commune".
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How did the dominant order become dominant? How did it get here? How did it establish itself?

Although it's not the most specific language, and just like anti-imperialism may be easily taken up by nationalists, decolonization could easily be seen as critical of the dominant order as a whole.

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i like this question as a thought exercise, especially now that i have such a knee jerk negative reaction to the word.
first, i agree with anok's comment.

the idea of each of us as little colonies seems entirely in keeping with "kill the cop in your head" or even a little more sophisticated than that.

also - the thing that i like about decolonize *especially* in the context of occupy, is that it is a negative and so is in synch with anarchy as being against, rather than promoting a plan.

i continue to have problems finding words to express who the enemy is (or who i am allied with), and in another space, "decolonize" would be as good a choice as any that exist now.

edit: this answer coincidentally mentions colonization relevantly
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