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school project
Can you perhaps give some more details as to what, exactly you are looking for? I would love to endeavor to answer this, but as broadly as this is worded, would either give you an answer so generalized as to be no more helpful than looking it up "anarchism" on wikipedia, or that would seem strangely familiar to anyone who's read any "what is anarchism" sorts of things.

In addition to this site (look around, you'll find lots of answers!) here are some other places to look:

Bob Black - Anarchy 101:

Peter Gelderloos - Anarchy Works

Daniel Guerin - Anarchism: From Theory to Practice

An Anarchist FAQ

Please note that some of what these different sources say about anarchist "beliefs, values & expectations" will be contradictory. I don't agree with everything in these works, but by looking at where there are similarities and conflicts between them, you can probably start to get a bit of a picture.
also, we believe in burning down schools ;)

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anarchists believe in burning down schools.
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