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corporate control has become a problem here in amerika and its been a burning question

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Corporations only exist because of the state. The state grants them their charter and their limited liability, enforces private property and private profit at social expense, acts as the goons that beat up striking worker & protesters, uses surveillance against anti-corporate groups, criminalizes collective organizing, tax-incentivizes corporate mergers, stole/steals and grants to the wealthy what used to be common or small-holder land, sells or rents or grants access to "public resources" at fire-sale rates to private interests, enforces the intellectual property laws of the rich, enforces their will through legislation in a bought Congress, criminalizes competition to the largest firms, and acts as the release valve on the boiling pot before it can boil over.
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What's to prevent corporations from becoming mini-states armed to the teeth?
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States exist, more or less, to protect property, capital, and other such class interests. In the absence of any state, all the various formations of capital (e.g. property, currency, commodities) would either cease to exist or would soon fall into rapid decline.  Corporations cannot exist without property relations, nor without a sophisticated state apparatus to protect corporate interests.  It's basically the same thing. Corporations, like states, are basically fixed semi permanent social arrangements.  Considering the current trajectory of economic and politicize events underway presently the likelihood of collapse indicates the likelihood of future feudal states. These would likely be fare less sophisticated incapable forming anything like the modern corporate institutions we now see dominating the economy.
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