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isnt complete equality and no hierarchy against human nature?

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a) depends on what you mean by equality and/or hierarchy.
b) explain what you mean by "human nature".
c) people lived without the kinds of institutionalized hierarchies (like the ones we live with) for a long time. even feudal history is short compared to how long we've been around, much less capitalism.

you might want to do a search here for "equality".

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Hierarchy: In my opinion it probably is. I would phrase it different and not as absolute though. Human have traits that perhaps always will group themselves in hierarchies. There's something naturally that happens. It doesn't mean its a good thing just because something is "natural". Rape and murder are also a part of human nature. Humans have negative traits. If you want to defend hierachies you'd have to try other arguments than it being "natural".

Equality: Seems a bit strange to say that equality is against human nature though. You'd have explain better what you mean here.
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