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Aquaponics is a hydroponics system with a fish tank added to it; fish add all essential nutrients for the plants, and the plants clean the water. It greatly reduces the amount of materials (no need to worry about fertile soil or damaging insects), space, and work needed to provide food while increasing yield compared to that of traditional soil farming. It's a sustained ecosystem, and though it requires additional water to be added occasionally, it uses water far more efficiently than any other system of farming. If heated with compost, a greenhouse the size of a basketball court could indefinitely sustain a good 30 people.
Hemp can be grown practically anywhere with at least 2 harvests a year and can be made into almost anything we need with net-zero energy, from building material to fuel to clothing to food, not to mention it's great for the soil it grows in.
I believe sustainability is an inherent characteristic of any free society, and when many do not live in areas suitable for traditional agrarian farming, could this be a solution to feed the revolution? Would it be prudent to begin with such agricultural/horticultural projects? Or am I just way too enthusiastic about all of this?
You're way too enthusiastic.  :)
(and that is perfectly ok.)

"I believe sustainability is an inherent characteristic of any free society"...
this is what kropotkin was aiming at in his Conquest of Bread; but now that has extended not just to whether a community can sustain itself against blockade, but whether we can sustain life in a multicellular form.

From a horticultural point of view, monoculture is suicide.  Hemp and Nettles are amazing plants, but not as ...[aagh, lost my thought here...]  There is no 'one solution', but a diversity of tactics that are employed and discarded as the communities requiring them see fit; hemp and nettles and rabbits and aquaponics (and savanna pastures and forest gardens and timber fallow and...) will all play a part in a survivable future, but none will be the single saviour of us all.

Permaculture is based on diversity, and on closing the nutrient cycle - so your piss feeds the plants, and your shit feeds the worms - anything less is a slow death.  (one day i'll write a theology about the godess Fuck and the lesser-god Shit, "for all life comes from Shit...")

[edit:  sustainable food production isn't anarchic by itself;  however, any anarchy hoping to survive beyond the revolution will have to get its shit together in short order.  ]

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forgive my briefness, but the efficient management of life is not my anarchy.  i understand the sentiment, but it seems to me that the desire to make/continue a society based upon production to be one of the ultimate forms of counter-insurgency
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Why do anarchists oppose production?