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I am a high school student and like every high school in amerika we see the war machine every month or so when the army/marine corps etc come to recruit with promises of free collage. Im already very anti-war but most others are very ignorant to what is really going on (the recruiter claimed that he didnt bring home any oil after serving in iraq :D) preferably some that are short and sweet. some links would help thanks :)

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There are some texts you might be interested in at the anarchist library, here is a link to those tagged as "anti-war":

I'd suggest searching around to see if there are other things on that site that might be of interest.

In addition, Crimethinc. ( and the War Resistors' League ( might some stuff you could steal from, but I didn't search it too hard, so you'll need to explore.

Beyond that, I would suggest writing your own material. Using some already written bits is nice, but I bet that you will be able to make stuff that will resonate far more with your fellow students than would the work of someone from 1917, or an older anarchist or anti-war activist who is writing based on their life and experiences.

Why is it that you find the presence of recruiters so disgusting? How does nationalistic/militaristic propaganda in school denigrate your life and that of your friends? What are the lies they are telling you, and what is the reality they are trying to hide?

Also, be careful, I don't know how things are where you are, but when I was a (very young) teen and the first Gulf War broke out, a lot of my slightly older friends were expelled from school for overt anti-war activities.

That doesn't mean don't do them, it just means knowing how the school administration and other students might react to different actions, and choosing your tactics accordingly. In some places zines, leaflets, and pamphlets are totally fine, and you could openly distribute them (which allows for more engagement and dialogue with your peers; in others not, and you might want to just leave anonymously them in the bathrooms, library, or other places for people to find them.

Good luck!
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