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Do you see death as a liberating inevitability or a dominating force to be fought by any means necessary (or anything in between or whatever)? What about life? Can/should life and death even be perceived in such a way?
Neither. I don't think life or death is particularly liberating or dominating, they just are. Being born is largely beyond our control, dying is inevitable.

I suppose I definitely do not see death as "a dominating force to be fought by any means necessary," and the knowledge that I will eventually be dead can be a catalyst to further action (if we accept that death is coming then why not act as if we have nothing to lose?), but realistically, as much as it does that, I like being alive, and I don't go out of my way to do things that likely shorten my time among the living, it is more that, at least sometimes, it doesn't prevent me from choosing to be a part of situations where death somewhat more likely than, say, sitting in an office.

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Drink an authentic 750ml of absinthe over the course of a month, at least one cup a day. That's what death feels like. The month after your binge is what life feels like in a unadulterated form. To answer your question simply, it's both.

P.S. I don't know where you live so absinthe may be out of your reach. Antibiotic overdose could work just as well over the course of half the time said for absinthe.
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