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Can we fuck as much as we want , perform black magic and so on and still be accepted into heaven

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"The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth."
~ Bakunin
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i'm curious about the people who are answering this question. which i can only read in two ways - one is a troll straight up, the other as some interesting comment on the moral purity that many anarchists (and leftists etc) seem to be operating from.
does a troll deserve an answer?
how do we make questions more interesting than they are, in order to have the conversations that are fun for us?
eh, just ponderings after a busy busy week...
My main motivation with the questions here, r/anarchism, and r/anarchy101 are to use the questions as prompts to put my thoughts into writing. I try to respond to bad faith or trolling with something that will amuse me and keep my morale up. To improve content we could encourage responders to include more nuanced versions of the question in their answer explicitly. You do that often in your comments to the OP problematizing their statements; I think we could do more of that in our actual answers, to elaborate on the questions and explore their scope further.
I was thinking of answering this question for reasons along the lines of what ALC said. I Frequently like to take the questions here as jumping off points, but ones that give me some trajectory, as opposed to me just rambling on without any sort of focus (but only barely..)

Those of us who do engage in answering bad faith questions in better faith (to the intent of the website and our own goals) could definitely try to be more explicit in making it clear that is what we are doing.
As an anarchist I don't expect anyone to tell me what or what to believe or what not to believe. If I have a God, then I stand before my God and not before any human system designed to replace Him.
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Better to reign in hell?

Alternately, there was that whole thing about advancing toward the end of the world so that heaven could be made real on Earth. I hear the Catholic Church made a big deal of killing every last person who thought to attempt that.

Fuck God's judgment and moral code tho.
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