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I am 21 years old and have a 1 year old, if I would have learned about Anarchism more than I know now, back when i was younger, i might not have had a child and pursued a different lifestyle. But now I do, so what are some things I can do. I have to work, have to buy her things (things come from department stores).. Etc. just need some clarification.
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This is a personal question and requires a personal answer.

You said that if you had known more when you were younger you might have chosen a different path. As a quick aside, I bet a lot of people feel that way, whether they have kids or not. People change, which is a really good thing, and it means that some time and energy gets to go to re-figuring priorities and personalities along the way.

Anyways, try writing down what a anarchist life without kids would look like, what you would do, how you would live, what you would get out of it. Then look at that list and see what things you would be willing to do with a kid. Some people are willing to break the law, other people aren't. Some people live in group houses with kids, other people don't. What works for your family? What doesn't?

Another exercise could be to make a list of all the anarchist things you cant do now that you have children. Think about what purpose each one has, and then think of other things that could hold a similar meaning for you that you would feel more comfortable doing as a parent.

Plenty of anarchist projects are written, either online or in print. Just sayin.
Of the IRL anarchist projects and spaces, some will be welcoming to parents, others won't. Where you live could make a big difference on that front too.

An important thing to think about is, "What kind of anarchist who has children do you want to be?"

Some people reconcile their parenting and their anarchism by labeling themselves radical parents and building a community around that identity. Is that option for you?

Other people see children as a limitation on anarchism and work around it as best they can till their kids leave. What do you want to have put in place for your anarchy by then?

There is also the optimism of neither reconciling nor placing in opposition anarchism and parenting, and in all the murky complication trying your best to commit to both. Sigh...
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