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Many people are greedy/selfish. How do anarchists envisage revolution in this situation?

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The majority of people in the UK only appear concerned with the value of their homes, their cars, credit cards, holidays, children's education, etc, etc. In such an environment, how do anarchists believe a change ('revolution') is possible or would even be welcomed?

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asked Apr 19, 2013 by anonymous
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a. i don't think i agree about "most people". but i'm not sure it matters. if i had to say something about most people, i would say that they don't seem interested in changing things. and i wouldn't posit why that is, because, again, i don't think it matters.

b. anarchy is not (to me) about utopia. as i have said before, things will still be sucky in an anarchist scenario. they will just be sucky in a better way, a way that is more human sized.

c. i don't know if a revolution is possible, and i know for a fact that it will not be welcomed, including by many anarchists. revolution sucks (bloody, scary, environmentally destructive, etc, with little promise that things will be better afterwards). but then i'm not the kind of anarchist who believes in Revolution as the answer. i don't have to believe that something is possible to think that it would be better if things were different--and different in a particular way, and to try to make things different as much as possible in my life. even if only for myself and the people around me.
answered Apr 21, 2013 by dot (52,050 points)