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Considering its relations to both sexual liberation and sex-slavery (and possibly the objectification of womyn/females and yet another market for the flow of capital), it's a very complex issue. Do anarchists have a stance on the legalization or criminalization of prostitution?

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the only anarchist position on sex work that makes sense to me is to consider it work, and to treat it like work.

and OF COURSE to reject the system that a) forces people to work if they don't want to, b) stigmatizes choices that people make, c) prioritizes and devalues sex and bodies the way christianity (among other value systems) does.

to say that sex makes it different is perhaps often true, but is certainly not necessarily true, and relies on the kinds of generalizations that get people riled up and active, but are frequently not conducive to clear thinking. (when answering this question, to take a position means to get something wrong, and the choice is the kind of wrong one is willing to be.)

human trafficking/sex slavery is a different issue - as kidnapping and slavery are already considered horrible - and adding sex to it seems like more of an obfuscation than a helpful clarification.
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This is coming from an anarcho-capitalist rather than someone on the left, mind you.

Morally I'd argue that people should have the right to own their own bodies, which obviously includes the right to use said bodies for the sexual act in exchange for money.

Practically speaking I'd argue that making prostitution illegal:

A) Doesn't eliminate it.

B) Is generally not to the benefit to prostitutes or women in general (as it forces them into harsh living conditions and into the arms of pimps).

C) Would be impossible to enforce in anarchy, or if it was enforced would soon devolve into petty vendettas given how much sex can complicate human relations.

In the case of sex slavery,  though, obviously it's immoral and should be made illegal because...well, slavery.

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