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I'm looking for information about badass women illegalists relatively contemporary to the Bonnot Gang, Ravachol, Severino Di Giovanni, etc. This information is harder to come by than I thought...

Thanks, yo.
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Maria Nikiforova was an important Makhnovist leader in the Ukraine. She may not have considered herself an illegalist, but did participate in expropriations and bombings. There is info about her in Atamansha: The Story of Maria Nikiforova – the Anarchist Joan of Arc by Malcolm Archibald and Kontrrazvedka: The Story of the Makhnovist Intelligence Service by Vyacheslav Azarov, both published by Black Cat Press.
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I guess there werent really any women illegalists specifically in the Bonnot Gang, but if you read Richard Parry's 'The Bonnot Gang', he specifically mentions women who were a part of the illegalist "scene" if you will.  One of the more well known, Rirette Maitrejean, partner to Victor Kibalchich/Serge, kinda betrayed the bonnot gang at the famous trial where many were executed.  But there were others who were cooler
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Anne Steiner wrote about the anarchist individualist women in the 20's

Las militantes anarquistas individualistas:
mujeres libres en la Belle Époque

It is translated to spanish here:

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