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In that people could actually bring down the state, but then offer no alternatives and little organizational resistance to more fascistic tendencies which might lead to 'threeway fights?
Can you rewrite this question? It seems that there are some strategic and tactical assumptions embedded in it, but I can't figure out precisely what they might be.
the question is, do you want to play politics?
Then the answer is a resounding "NO."
If the answer is "Could..." I would have to respond that yes, it sure could, but that doesn't mean it would.

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Egoist Anarchy is civil war at its highest remark. If Billy doesn't fit into society's norms, customs, and manners then he's in a civil war. If Amanda is abused, exploited, and quieted by professionals then she is in a civil war. War is the opposite of peace, and an aggressive mind causes harm to external objects. Anarchy is such hard work that on some days the sun could be coming up and I'm already exhausted. The rightwingers are violent, plain and simple, so they'll be the first to go in a globalised feminist world. The leftwingers are like moderate Anarchists, IF, (big if) they fight FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Human rights upholds feminism, gays, blacks, basically everyone, so it's a step to better times. Keep your sight on Anarchy and even if you're in a coma for the next ten years, you will have done your part. Thanks. Peace.
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