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Trying to keep this as unbiased as I can, what do you people think of it?
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How big a movement is it? worldwide and in Europe and the North America? It seems that there's a lot of stuff on the internet, very evasive stuff and its difficult to get a clear picture. I think its also worth stating how it is sexist and hetero-sexist, on these facts alone it cannot be considered a true form of Anarchist thought, let alone the inherent racism and xenophobia. What do primitivist's and green anarchist's think of it?
So far I've only ever heard of two active/existent "national anarchist" groups in the United States; Bay Area National Anarchists (San Francisco/Bay Area) and the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance (New York).

As far as I know, they're each comprised of less than a dozen members (if BANA even exists anymore) and have practically zero recognition outside of the anarchist scene; inside the anarchist scene, they might have some recognition only because everybody wants to kick their asses.

There's some activity on Facebook - the "National anarchist" page has a bit less than 300 likes, unclear how many of those are just random curious people or people who want to keep tabs on the group. Doesn't seem to be much translation to real-world activity.
Having just forced myself to sit and read the "National Anarchist movements" website( Just to avoid what they repeatedly claim is the hypocrisy and ignorance of real, I mean other Anarchist) They claim they have a movement in various parts of the world and across different "races". I would recommend trying to read up on them though, if only to have a little chuckle.

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Ethnic/nationalist essentialist trash. Ostensibly anti-establishment facade for plain old racist politics. Microscopic clique of fascists who want to use a shallow understanding of anarchism to make their political program seem appealing (at a level even less effective than the "anarcho-capitalists"). To be demolished.
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Destroy it without mercy.
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it doesn't exist. it is meaningless. an oxymoronic label, used to exploit the cachet of the label of "anarchy" (however much that exists) while completely ignoring/misunderstanding what anarchy is.

it is bullshit.
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Good, but do you think it's a threat? do you think it could become an issue of a sort of defamation(for want of a better term).
it's possible. in the same way that skinhead came to be synonymous with racist skinhead, because of the media. possible but not imminent.
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Not trying to be dialectical and shit, but it both does and doesn't exist. For those cretins who think they can poach anarchist-curious and anarchist-friendly folks for their absurd, ahistorical, ignorant third-positionist, pseudo-tribal bullshit, "national anarchism" [sic] is a real thing. Based on total fantasy, but a real thing.

It is also a completely false thing, a utopian (in its original meaning of "no place") fabrication that has no basis in anarchist discourse or history. It is not anti-statist, it is not anti-hierarchical, and it is not even anti-capitalist. Three strikes.

Therefore it should be destroyed without mercy.
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National-Anarchism (an oxymoronic, moronic term) is definitely influenced by a Traditionalist, Right-Winger racist named Troy Southgate, who in turn is heavily influenced by other Traditionalists, Right-Winger racists like Julian Evola and Ernst J√ľnger.

Most National Anarchists appear to be conservative racial separatists masquerading as Anarchists, displaying a new dimension of right-wing thinking (the European New Right). National Anarchism is not a new philosophy or a genuine tendency of Anarchism, but ultimately a new term for a really bad old idea (decentralized racial communities that would ultimately form new States and mini-dictatorships on the local level.

Troy Southgate has been an influence on White Supremacist Andrew Yeoman and his Bay Area National Anarchists group (BANA.)
Yeoman and the BANA (made up of a few of Yeoman's confused right-wing friends) actually protested in SUPPORT of the state of Arizona's anti-immigrant senate bill (SB 1070) !!
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On top of all this wackiness, Yeoman and his wacky BANAs protested the film Machete, a film that they viewed as an anti-white film that would spark a race war (similar to what racists on (a white supremacist-oriented website and what paleoconservative/conspiracy theorist-capitalist Alex Jones has stated on his radio show.)

National Anarchist Tribal Alliance (NATA)- New York is another quirky right-wing group; they tried to get into the New York City Anarchist Bookfair from what I understand and people fought against that from happening (I'm not entirely familiar with that situation.) I remember looking at their website and they also seemed to be into the usual conservative conspiracy theories (popular with christian conservatives and white supremacists), along the lines of 9/11 toothers/alex jones/ron paul crowd.

Racial-separtist and supposed "Anarcho-Capitalist" Keith Preston seems to really love the National Anarchist ideas which blend well with his conservative, decentralized, racial nationalism. Preston is influenced by Murray Rothbard (self-titled "anarcho-capitalist" who tried to get Far-Right Republican Patrick Buchanan elected as USA President in 1992.)

Anarcho-Capitalism and National-Anarchism seem to have much in common. Both are extreme distortions of Anarchist ideas mixed with reactionary conservative ideas. One must wonder if Anarcho-Capitalists and National-Anarchists are actually the same people trying put new twists on stale conservative ideas.
I vote for this as Best Answer!
Thanks ! Your answer ultimately summed it all up though, Rice Boy.
Yes, Troy Southgate is the main proponent of this crap, and he seems to like to poach ideas from Julius Evola(presumably because he's too much of a knuckle dragging bigot to develop his own). It primarily started in Britain, and this is why I asked, I wanted to know what people thought of it since I live in Britain and would class myself as an Anarcho-communist.
i absolutely agree with the fact that anarchist nationalism makes no sense whatsoever, it makes a good deal less sense than anarcho-capitalism, but it does show a pretty fascinating thing about the human strong "identity" and patriotism/pride-in-the-flower-pot-you-grew-in can have such a strong hold on individuals...yes....*smokes pipe*