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and if not how can you tolerate ignorant people  that blindly support capitalism against their interests hang out with you.Any book suggestions on the subject would be appreciated.As you can tell my problem is that i can barely stand Marxists or Leftists hanging out with me and i think its a problem.
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Are you saying it's a problem that Marxists and Leftists hang out with you or that it's a problem that you can't stand them? It's not clear.

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I don't want to focus on the moralism of "wrong" or knock the hermit or in-society-but-anti-social life, so I'll take this as "productive" of a direction as I can: *if* you see it as a self-harming behavior, then perhaps you want to learn and practice ways of dialogue that express and define your views rather than argue? Looking at it more like an explanation than a fight helps, even if you feel the other people just repeat bullshit they've heard.

Although I have a fondness in my heart for the rhetorical equivalent of the sledgehammer-to-the-face approach, if you want to talk to friends or loved ones you might aim for mutual understanding of your differences rather than anarcho-missionary as a first step. Having each of you able to say, "here's what X might think about Y" can at least make it more comfortable sometimes, when you can agree to disagree. Many people need to more gradually decrease their cognitive dissonance for it to work so going all-out just goes over their head and sounds insane. Not everyone though, and we appreciate many an anarchist curmudgeon among us.
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ah yes, the anarchist curmudgeon. i believe we have one or two here, even. sometimes appreciated more than other times, or course...

i wonder if the ratio of curmudgeon/non is higher among marxists or anarchists?